Monthly Archives: December 2017

Days 2-7: #20dollarlaptop

As many #pine64 reviewers noted in late 2016, support for the #pine64 is very much a diy affair. Even late in 2017, MfL has had to assemble our own set of resources for setting up the board. The good news is that there is a lot of helpful information out there; the bad news is that it is not all in one place. The best place to start is the Pine64 wiki: Norm24’s schematic overview of the board has been an invaluable resource.

Day 1: #20dollarlaptop

We purchased a $15 Pine64 computer board (it was actually $22 with shipping) in January, 2016. We received it in spring, 2016, and we are finally getting around to using it to build a $20 laptop. Here is an image from Day 1, Thursday, December 14, 2017. Stay tuned to follow our progress!