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What To Listen To Next: Phil Schaap WKCR Jazz Archive

If you are interested in jazz, or interested in learning more about jazz, or just interested in listening to some great music, MfL strongly recommends checking out the ever growing archive of radio broadcasts accessible via the Phil Schaap WKCR Jazz Archive.

Stainless Steel Fans

Stainless steel fans are an effective and environmentally responsible way to cool your home.  Looking to purchase one that is not cringe-worthy from a design perspective?  While the options are not unlimited, one of these might fit the bill:


Travers Tool Co.



Days 2-7: #20dollarlaptop

As many #pine64 reviewers noted in late 2016, support for the #pine64 is very much a diy affair. Even late in 2017, MfL has had to assemble our own set of resources for setting up the board. The good news is that there is a lot of helpful information out there; the bad news is that it is not all in one place. The best place to start is the Pine64 wiki: Norm24’s schematic overview of the board has been an invaluable resource.