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Vintage Dresses


Buying Sheets

At MfL, we are always interested in finding out how things are made and we wanted to share some of our recent findings from our research into cotton sheets. Despite the marketing hype, it is not the thread count alone that is important.  Rather, it is the thread count number and the quality of the thread.  As a result, your 1000 thread count cotton sheets may actually be of a lower quality than a 500 Egyptian cotton thread count sheets.  While we love super-fine Italian linens and recommend purchasing Frette and Pratesi sheets if they are within your budget, for those looking for high quality Egyptian cotton sheets, we recommend Andiamo Brand 500 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets.  You can find them at many online retailers and will often find them on sale.  Here is a link to one online retailer that consistently stocks them.

These Days, You Can Buy Your Books Anywhere…

…so why not buy them via independent, local bookshops or directly from publishers?    In the world of small (and, even, sometimes, big) publishing, every dollar counts.  Here is a list of a few independent bookstores and publishers:

Berl’s Poetry Book Shop 

Community Book Store (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

Red Dust Books

Dorothy: A Publishing Project

Essay Press